Sarah Lavaud-Petroff

Soloist Concert Pianist

27.03.2020  |  20h00 8:00 PM

  • Bach & Kurtag
  • Liszt
  • Janacek & Kurtag
  • Debussy & Hersant
We are flowers... Piano recital


Why flowers ?

The flowers are beautiful and ephemeral, like life; and this program plays precisely with brevity, by the form of the pieces it brings together but also their language, often fragmentary …

“We are flowers, we men, fragile flowers …”, says György Kurtág in his Játékok (“games”, in Hungarian), declining this motif in multiple ways over the imposing corpus. Its variations are taken up here as the common thread of a journey that puts us in contact with the chaotic dimension of life and the world, bringing Janáček, his flashes and his ruptures into dialogue, with Debussy and Hersant, masters of the sketch; Kurtág, and his turbulent pen, with Bach – whose orderly, continuous and fluid speech also speaks to us of chaos, but far from immersing ourselves in it, invites us to meditate on it from a distance, and embraces it in its universality.

At the end of the path, bringing a touch of humor through a page however contemplative and all bathed in light (Sposalizio by Franz Liszt, inspired by the Wedding of the Virgin by Raphael), a singular flower awaits us, which seems to pose for us this question: and marriage in all this?…


We are flowers I

Recomposition of extracts from Kurtág & Bach
  • Kurtág  
    • Játékok, volume I  :  … And once again: we are flowers…
  • Bach  
    • Actus Tragicus, BWV 106  :  Introductory Sonatina

Reply I

  • Liszt  
    • Consolation n°1
    • Pilgrimage years  :  Homesick

We are flowers II : Kurtág & Bach